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Companies are required by law to keep specific records of your company and Biz Registration provides information and services regarding the preparation of “Minutes Book”.

Due to the laws regarding business records and meetings, we provide several services to help you prepare for the annual meeting. From preparing minutes and having someone oversee your preparation to filling out forms and making sure everything is done correctly; we are here for you.

No matter how big or small, a company must hold an annual shareholder meeting after incorporation and record it in the minute book. The annual shareholder meeting is one of the most significant events that a company will hold. It is also one of the most important documents in your business life. Failure to hold an annual meeting or to maintain records by the law may have negative effects on the firm, such as fines from the government, tax problems, and disruptions to regular operations.

Points to take into account when managing the minutes book:

1. Within 30 days of the meeting's conclusion, the minutes of the proceedings must be recorded in the books kept for that purpose, along with the date of the entry.

2. Every time a resolution is passed by postal ballot, a brief report on the postal ballot process, including the proposed resolution, the voting outcome, and an overview of the scrutinizer's report, must be included in the minutes book of general meetings within 30 days of the resolution's passing date, as well as the date of the entry.

3. Each page of every such record must be approved or signed, and the final page of every report or record of the meeting must be dated and signed by,

• When it comes to the minutes of a Board meeting or a committee - by the stated meeting's chairman or the chairman of the following meeting.
• When it comes to general meeting minutes - by the chairman of the same meeting
• For each resolution that is passed through the postal ballot - by the chairman of the Board

4. The minute books from Board and committee meetings must be kept indefinitely and in the care of the company secretary or another director who has been properly authorized by the Board for the purpose. They must also be kept at the registered office or another location that the Board may determine.


• Only minutes sheets may be used to print the content of minutes.
• The Minutes Books' pages must have sequential numbers.
• The resolution is usually written in the present tense, but the minutes must be written in the third person and the past tense.
• If kept in loose-leaf format, it must be bound periodic basis based on its size and volume and in accordance with one or more of the company's financial years.

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