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Biz Registration provides Firm online registration for businesses. We offer sole proprietorship firm registration to help you register your business.
A sole proprietorship business is one that is owned, operated, and controlled by a single person. The sole proprietor of the firm is the owner of the business. There is no legal distinction between the promoter and the business because it is run by a natural person. It means the business company exists in name only, and no one else has any legal right to the entity. The promoter holds all of the profits.
Nowadays most small businesses aim to register their firms as sole proprietorships and get started on the road to success. A sole proprietorship is also an easier start-up than a partnership. The responsibilities of managing the business are more limited for sole proprietors since they only deal with their own money. Additionally, there is no limit on how many businesses an individual can have for tax purposes.
So it is essential to know the basic information of such a business, Registration Information includes business details like State, City, Budget, and Taxonomy. The sole proprietor of the firm pays taxes as he is the only person who receives all the income. In comparison, a partnership or corporation has different forms of legal entities and operates as a body corporate, and can have separate ownership and management.
The benefit of registering as a sole proprietorship firm is that no formalities are required. Sole Proprietorships are the only type of business in which the person who has started it (businessman, artist, etc.) is allowed to use his or her name. The owner of the business cannot be engaged in any other profession or business. It is ideal for start-ups where you can establish your business with minimum capital investment. Soliciting contributions from others or taking donations can make a creditor angry as his due may not be paid.
Our services help you register a Sole Proprietorship and we offer multiple types of registration: start-up, new company, bank, or tax filing. Biz Registration is the best option to register your business online.

To fulfill this process, make sure to have the following documents,

1. Copy of Aadhaar card
2. Copy of PAN Card
3. A bank account and copy of bank statements
4. Proof of registered office-
• Rent agreement and NOC of the owner in case of RENTED PROPERTY
• Electricity bills or any other address proof in case of OWNED PROPERTY
5. Utility bills like electricity bills or gas bill
Get your business registered with us as a sole proprietorship and relish the advantages of being a sole owner within four days @ ₹ 2299 only.
Documents Required
PAN Card
Aadhar Card
Electricity Bill of Business Place


All Inclusive Fees

  • Registration within 4 days
  • GST Registration
  • MSME/UDYAM Registration
  • Current Account Opening Support
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